Fun with patterns

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I hope to be posting more in 2017 as well as updating this site/blog.

Here is an assignment for an online class:


I saw how easy it would be (in theory) to deform the cube and do an Escher-esque pattern.


The teacher of the online class said this motivated her to do a class based on this idea.  Yay!  I hope she does, because I could use some technical pointers.

New KBOO program poster

Life has been busy.  My husband Joe, who volunteers at KBOO, our local community radio station, has put together a program that looks at a trial in-depth of local activist, Teressa Raiford.  She was arrested for being in the public right-of-way during a public demonstration.  The title of the program comes from a conversation between her and her young son.  She was asking him to be careful crossing in the street, and he replied, “I only cross when the white man tells me to.”  She was acquitted after a 4-day trial.


Another work-related design assignment

I got the opportunity to do another graphic for work.  In our new office we have a new accessible restroom with a salvaged door.  The door has full glass in it, so we needed a quick screen for the glass.  I volunteered to do a graphic that we could print out on the plotter.  The design went fast, and figuring out the plotting went a LOT slower!

Here’s the result:

Here it is installed on the door:


I love getting these assignments at work!

Lost myself in creativity

My daughter’s birthday was coming up, and I wanted to make her birthday card based on an idea I had had last year and hadn’t been able to execute.  Thanks to a rainy day, no other distractions, a sick husband, and new-found InDesign skills, I was able to focus and be completely lost in the making without my usual worries:  time pressure, “I can’t do it,” will it look all right?

I had fun and loved the result.