Lost myself in creativity

My daughter’s birthday was coming up, and I wanted to make her birthday card based on an idea I had had last year and hadn’t been able to execute.  Thanks to a rainy day, no other distractions, a sick husband, and new-found InDesign skills, I was able to focus and be completely lost in the making without my usual worries:  time pressure, “I can’t do it,” will it look all right?

I had fun and loved the result.


Logo in Color

I unfortunately did not get to choose colors for the logo – someone else got that fun job.  I did however, get to weigh in on which version looked the best, and that happened to be the one that others also liked.  Here it is.


A long hiatus

It’s been a long, hot summer, and when the weather’s this hot, I really don’t feel motivated to do anything creative or to post to this blog.  There have been a couple of graphical assays, all of them hurried and unsatisfactory, so that’s the main reason why I haven’t posted.

Yesterday at work, I temporarily ran out of things to do.  I asked my project manager if I should help a colleague, who is swamped by two projects in CA.  I was signed on, expecting to review submittals or something along those lines.  Imagine my surprise and gratitude, when my project was to design a logo/manhole cover for one of the projects!  What, a graphic design task for an architectural project?  The restrictions were that it had to contain the letter B for Barcelona, it had to make use of the vesicle shape, which is the shape of the mosaic tile being used on the benches, it had to be non-rectilinear so as not to compete with the pavers, and it was preferable that it not be orientation-specific.  Some of my ideas did not meet all these criteria; it’s OK, I just had to get out everything that was in my brain.

The client was sent 3 of these options, and we’ll see which one I’ll eventually end up developing.  Thank you, Universe!


Inspiration Sources

On a whim, my husband and I went to Hawthorne Boulevard this evening after dinner.  Mostly we were drawn by the lure of a free ice cream cone at Ben and Jerry’s.  The line was short and moved quickly.  Afterwards it was an easy stroll to Powell’s Books.  They had various books on Tangling, which got my fire stoked to do patterns.  This is just one of many websites: http://tanglepatterns.com/.  I find these patterns fascinating, and they make it sound so easy to do.  To me there are so many choices involved, and so many different ways a pattern could branch, if you were designing one from scratch, that I would feel stymied.  I guess that’s why you copy other people’s tangles first.

Here is my first attempt at a pseudo-Tangle design, colored with 2 different backgrounds.


With a light background and


with a dark background.

This isn’t true branching, as I took the same pattern and just changed the background.  The really interesting exploration would be to take these exact same shapes and come up with a different pattern.  Tomorrow’s 400×400 challenge?

How to keep going?

Some days I feel as if I don’t sit down and draw or make something, I’m dying just a little bit inside.  It’s often too hard to drag out the paper, drawing implements, set up and face a blank page.

Now that my introductory photoshop class is over, I’ve started the 400×400 project.  Somehow it’s easier to “toss off” something creative knowing that it is only 400×400 pixels.  Small.  Manageable.  Fun.  And if I don’t like it, it’s not the end of the world, and not another piece of paper I have to save.

Here’s today’s toss-off.